Parish Prayer Group

Taxpayers - please Gift Aid your financial contributions to the church




As we begin 2018 we want to thank you for your continued generous support for Drumglass Parish.

With your help over this last year we have been able to:-

  • Re-roof St Anne’s Hall

  • Support our link missionaries

  • Place a beautiful stained glass window in St Elizabeth’s

  • Grow our youth and children’s work

  • Maintain our pastoral ministry

To help our Parish flourish, would you prayerfully consider increasing your giving by 10% for 2018? With that increase we could continue to meet our on-going maintenance cost and build up our Church ministry.

What does that look like per week? This is what a 10% increase would look like:

Current giving Increased by 10%
£5 £5.50
£10 £11
£20 £22
£40 £44
£50 £55

If you would like to sign up for FWO envelopes, Gift Aid and Standing Order/Direct Debit, please contact Mavis Kerr our Treasurer or any of the churchwardens.

Please give this your prayerful consideration, but please be assured that whatever support you can give us is deeply appreciated.

Your friend and Rector


What is Gift Aid?

When you sign up to Gift Aid as a taxpayer, the Government gives the church a further 25% of the amount you yourself give. For example for every £1 you give the government gives the church 25p.

This means £100 becomes £125

                   £300 becomes £375

                   £500 becomes £625

                   £1000 becomes £1250

All you have to do is simply fill in a Gift Aid form with your name and address.

It couldn’t be more simple.

Your financial details are not required on the form and the Church does not know anything about your financial circumstances.

The benefit is clear, so please, if you are a taxpayer and you haven’t signed up, complete the enclosed form and return it to the Office to allow the church to receive 25% from the Government.