Drumglass Bible Study Group

Drumglass Bible Study Group

The other day I purchased a power tool, in preparation for keeping the garden and pathways clean and tidy when autumn brings a carpet of leaves, or grass strimmings are everywhere after a session of edge strimming! When I got home, the first thing I did was open the Handbook that the manufacturer had provided and read it from cover to cover. The Handbook tells me: ‘It is important that you read the instruction manual before using the power tool, and then keep the manual in a safe place for future reference’ It even goes on to say that I should not lend or rent the tool to anybody else without also giving them the instruction manual too!

Instruction manuals are important! They guide us in how to use things safely and effectively and warn us of likely dangers to avoid. They also point us to working methods that ensure the machine they refer to, lasts as long as possible, and what to do if problems arise.

I wish my laptop had come with a printed Instruction Manual! There is one On-line, but I often find that the instructions there are far from clear and often use jargon that I just don’t understand! The writer of the manual assumes that I know what he means, when often, I don’t!

For the Christian, the Bible is the Instruction Manual that God has provided us with, to guide us in life, so that we live in accordance with our Maker’s instructions, and achieve the quality of life and the purpose that He designed us for – it is the best life there is! So the first thing we need to do is READ the Bible. Some of us bravely do it unaided. Many of us use the very helpful Scripture reading guides that are available with daily readings. Mine come on-line via my telephone every day. They are great and, if you haven’t tried them, please do. Scripture Union makes them available on-line – look for WordLive on their website. The service is free, but they do ask you to send them a subscription if you can afford to do so. There are other providers too.

But even with helps like these, there are times when understanding Scripture is not easy and we long for someone to explain things further. Theological jargon isn’t always easy to understand! That’s why the parish provides a Bible Study Group, where we can meet together, take a Scripture passage, have someone open it up for us and tease out the difficult things, and then give us the chance to ask questions and share opinions. It is very much a discovering and learning situation and is designed to help us grow in our understanding of God our Father, to better live to His Glory and experience life at its best.

We meet every Tuesday evening at 7.45 p.m. in St. Anne’s and St. Elizabeth’s on alternate months and always aim to finish inside an hour! We would really love to see some new members. Surely there are many who would love to understand more of the love and guidance that their heavenly Father has for them!   If you are one of them, just bring your Bible and come along and grow spiritually and be nourished! You’ll be so welcome!

We hope to start on Tuesday 10th September in the O’Connor Room in St. Anne’s.

The programme for the winter, giving the venues and the study details, will be available in each church at the end of August.


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