Mothers Union

Mothers’ Union

At our November meeting, Linda welcomed everyone and especially the speakers for the evening, Seeda and Lexie Sinnamon. We also welcomed our dear friend and Rector Andrew. It was a pleasure to have him with us, for time is running short!   Andrew said MU was the back bone of the life of the parish and his other wise words were “always keep in with the Mothers’ Union! ” .Andrew shared a time of prayer with us.

Linda spoke thoughtful words of thanks and appreciation to Andrew before beginning the meeting with a reading from Psalm 46 and a time of prayer. There were also a lot of important dates to be read out! It was our delight to have some new faces with us.

Seeda, who is married to Lexie, has a great gift of painting and, while talking, singing and sharing some fun stories, she painted a beautiful flower design. This is something that she has taught herself to do over the years. When Seeda finished her painting, she presented Linda with one she had painted earlier.

Seeda is from Thailand where her faith had always been Buddhism.

Lexie spoke about how he and Seeda had met and how God’s hand was in it. He told us about buying Seeda a Bible in her own language and how she had become a Christian. Lexie used Proverbs ch 25, Isaiah 43 and 1st Kings in his message and ended by praying for us.

A gift of appreciation was presented to them both, for a very enjoyable evening.

We also had Heather with us and Linda spoke of how she is going to be missed, thanked her for supporting MU and presented a gift of flowers.

Grace was said and thanks to all who provided supper.

May we wish you all God’s riches blessings for Christmas and the New Year.


All subs to be with Pauline asap - £25

Leprosy donations to be given to Pamela Duff (Used stamps can be donated to the Leprosy Mission.)

Wednesday 4th December, Christmas Dinner in the Royal Hotel @ 7pm. £21 We would appreciate the full amount to be paid to Linda, thank you. Members agreed that instead of bringing a ‘secret Santa present’, they would bring gifts for the Diocesan Baby Basics project, (Details on Church Notice board.)




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