St Elizabeth's Ladies Guild - meeting this Wednesday 18th April

  Speakers Meeting with 'A Night of Fashion' with D Maguire followed by Epilogue in St Elizabeth's Hall this Wednesday at 8 p.m.


We had a good attendance at our February meeting. Muriel welcomed everyone, Rev. Elizabeth opened the meeting with prayer and May read the Scripture passage.

Muriel introduced the speaker, Ann Caufield who gave a very informative and interesting talk, explaining how she got involved with Mozambique having spent two weeks on a mission trip. She spoke about Melvin and Sharon Kelly’s work with Helping Hands Ministries.

Mozambique is the 7th poorest country in the world where poverty and sickness result in a very high mortality rate among very young children. Many adults live with severe disabilities and raise a family on the equivalent of £1.50 per day.

In the area where the Kelly family is working, there are now vibrant churches, schools and adult learning classes.

Many beautiful crafts, made by the local Mozambique women, were on sale.

Muriel thanked Ann and presented her with a gift of appreciation, before supper was served by Margaret, Debbie, Gillian and Nora.

The AGM followed, with all Officers and Committee unchanged:

Leader: Muriel Boyle, Deputy Leader: June Patterson, Treasurer: Averil Ferguson, Secretary: May Scott, Committee members: Carol McAree, Jean Palmer, Karen Robinson and Ethenay Wright.



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