STOP PRESS!!!!   A2J Pancake Stacks / Coffee morning

A2J will be cooking up fresh pancake stacks for breakfast on Saturday 22nd February in St Anne's. How lovely to get a delicious breakfast cooked for you, and all complete with your favourite toppings! If you're saving yourself for Shrove Tuesday, then there'll also be tea/coffee and a wee treat to keep you going at the weekend!                       Pop the date in your diary now - our young people / Great British Bake Off wannabes are looking forward to seeing you there.

  Our Youth Fellowship, A2J, has had a fantastic start this term with many new faces coming out on a Sunday evening. Young people have invited friends along to join in and be part of a growing ministry. We have just been through a Christians in Sport series called Essentials, encouraging young people in how to share their faith and pray for friends. Our leaders brought their own take to each part of the Essentials, which meant the series was engaging and varied. We have launched a number of small groups, which allow young people to develop their faith further, get to know each other better and be comfortable with sharing experiences and asking questions. This is something we would love to offer to more of our young people at A2J in the future 




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