Annual Table Quiz


Parish Table Quiz +

What an evening Wednesday 23rd October turned out to be. It was the Annual Church Quiz Night and the main hall was filled to capacity with friends from Coagh, Cookstown, Annaghmore and even Lisburn resulting in extra tables being needed - (21 in total).

This mean a lot to the organisers, none more so that the Quiz Master Freddie who, having spent many days preparing the questions, was delighted with the enthusiasm of the “quizzers”. The results were varied, but no-one was too ashamed to tell their score, as the few difficult questions just sorted out the dedicated teams from those who were there for a night of fun and fellowship. This year there was a “runner-up” prize kindly donated by Pearl Donnelly – herself an avid quizzer. This was given to a team from Cookstown and the winning team “Doreen’s Angels” was presented with gifts from the well-known supermarket, (for which the organisers were very grateful!).

Supper of course was excellent and thanks to Anella and Nancy for coping with the extra numbers so efficiently. Thanks to those ladies who supplied the “real” home baked goodies. The Quiz Night realised £525 from admissions and was made up to £700 with donations. The Thursday books, with some car boot sales, meant another £1050 was given to the Repair Fund.


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