The Bible Course

The Bible Course

Do you ever look at your Bible and wonder where to start reading? Do you have a desire to understand the story of God and his people? Do you wish that you were more knowledgeable about the characters and their stories that we read of in the Bible? Have you made a resolution to read more of it in 2020?

As a parish, we regard the Bible as the inspired word of God and our guide for living. It contains wisdom and encouragement and it gives us strength and hope. On Monday 13th January we will begin The Bible Course. Written and produced by The Bible Society, this fantastic 8 week course provides a very relaxed and informal opportunity to gather with others and learn more about the Bible, while enjoying some tasty treats too. 

The Bible Course: An informal opportunity for everyone to learn more about the Bible and the story that it is telling.

Venue:     The O’Connor Room, St Anne’s Church, Dungannon.

Dates:       Every Monday until 9th March except 17th February.

Time:         7.45 p.m.


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