Suspension of all church services and activities


We find ourselves in difficult and unfamiliar territory as together we navigate our way through the Coronavirus situation. Archbishop’s Commissary, Terry Scott, has issued a statement which calls for the immediate cessation of public worship and all parish activities across the Diocese of Armagh, a situation which will last for the foreseeable future.

This decision has been made following prayer, wise counsel and collaboration with other church leaders. This formal guidance is designed to ensure that we, as a church, are doing all that we can to prevent any unavoidable risk of infection.
Consequently, in Drumglass Parish, all organisations, meetings and services are cancelled with immediate effect and until further notice.

As Christians we deeply value the opportunity to gather in public worship and encourage one another. As disciples of Jesus, the public proclamation of the Gospel and the teaching of the scriptures is very important to us.
As a family of faith, pastoring and supporting people through their most difficult days is one of our greatest joys.

The current circumstances do not change these truths, but do create difficulties for us to exercise our usual ministries. We are heart-broken, but will be seeking creative ways to ensure that we all stay connected in these days of isolation, ensuring that the Parish of Drumglass continues to grow together.
Our earnest prayer is that good will come out of these difficult weeks. On Sunday we paid tribute to the enormous and very genuine sense of community which unites and sustains our great parish. At this time, those deep bonds of fellowship and care will be exercised and extended as we care for one another and look out for vulnerable, isolated and lonely in our midst. Never again will we take our church services for granted, but will appreciate them and the opportunities which they provide for us to join together in worship. We will develop a new empathy with Christians across the world who cannot meet together, and those closer to home who are no longer able to be part of our regular congregations.

At a time when culture is gripped with fear, we will be fearless and we will be faithful. The Parish of Drumglass will not stand back but will instead step forward and embrace the opportunities to love our neighbours in practical and meaningful ways. If you can help with food deliveries, pharmacy collections, telephoning a few isolated people each week then please let us know by contacting This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

We want to respond with wisdom, compassion and integrity. If you require practical or pastoral support in the days ahead then please do not hesitate to contact Graham or Elizabeth by telephone or the above email address. Kerry will be working to ensure that our children, young people and their families have access to discipleship material which can be used at home.

We continue to pray for you and will be in touch with devotional material, worship suggestions and prayer requests via email and our parish facebook page. Please ensure that you are connected in these ways as we strive to maintain our life and witness amongst one another and beyond to our community who need the presence of a loving church more than ever.

Yours in Christ,
Graham and Elizabeth

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