From the Rector

Andrw Forster

Dear Friends


Our first spring walk of this year will take place at Parkanaur late on this month. Lets hope for a warm and pleasant evening. Parkanaur is a wonderful estate that we are very fortunate to have close at hand and perhaps can be a good example of what church can be like.

Our Parish has a very long and significant heritage. Generations in the past have left their mark in the spiritual landscape of both St Anne’s and St Elizabeth’s. Today we are called to be faithful stewards who just don’t live in the past but seek to build for today and tomorrow.   I wonder what our legacy will be for future parishioners of Drumglass? I hope they will be able to see that we were people who were faithful to God’s call and who met the challenge of reaching out to the needy world of the 21st Century.

God does not call us to stand still but to be a pilgrim people who move forward with him. One of my favourite accounts in the Bible is of the risen Jesus walking with the disciples on the road to Emmaus. Jesus journeyed with them and his promise is to journey with us. On the 30th May we will celebrate the Feast of the Pentecost - the coming of the Holy Spirit into the Church. I believe Drumglass Parish can face the future with confidence because Jesus will walk with us and his spirit will empower us to be the people he has called us to be.

Your friend and Rector Andrew












Your friend and Rector Andrew Forster

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