From the Rector

Andrw Forster

Dear Friends,

I hope the summer months will provide you with an opportunity for rest and relaxation, whether that is at home or away, we know how important it is to wind down and take some time out from the normal busyness of life. In the Genesis accounts of creation, God is shown to us as a worker fashioning and creating a beautiful and complex earth, but we are also told that he rested.

As people made in the image of God, it reminds us that the rhythm of our lives includes both work and rest. Rest and relaxation can restore a balance to our often too hectic world. 

Drumcliffe in Sligo, where I was Rector before coming to Dungannon, was very much on the tourist trail as it was in the heart of Yeats Country. In the summer months, we always loved seeing our congregation swell with holiday makers and those passing through.  If you are planning to go away, why not seek out a local church and join it in worshipping God.

I hope you enjoy this edition of the Outlook magazine and that you have a very happy summer.

Your friend and Rector Andrew







Your friend and Rector Andrew Forster


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