Article 1: Of Faith in the Holy Trinity

Published: Sunday 25th September, 2022

Bible reading: Jude 1-5

Sermon series: 39 Articles of Religion

  1. Uniqueness of God – There is One God!
    There are not many ways up the same mountain
    Jesus is no further away from us as He was from Martha, (Luke 10: 38-42)
    Of infinite power, wisdom and goodness – Isaiah 46: 9-10
  2. The One God who is 3 in 1 – God the Father, Son and Holy Ghost
    The doctrine of the Trinity is attacked by Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses & Islam – all deny the Trinity
    Do you pray Our Father and pray in the name of Jesus Christ… then you’re 2/3 the way to God the Trinity!
    God wants you to know Him as Father, Son and Holy Spirit… the same Spirit as Thomas Cranmer and the Apostle Paul and every believer who has contended for the faith.